Shaolin Soccer 2001

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  • Mercifully, it is not the English-dubbed version that played at the Toronto Film Festival a couple of years ago.
  • It has a deep meaning that is more than just romance, more than just feelings.
  • Like "Hustle," this film heavily employs CGI-animated effects, some of which are, believe it or not, more convincing than those in the newest "Star Wars" prequel (and done for considerably less money).

Thoroughly enjoying Stephen Chow in the ridiculously
entertaining “Kung Fu Hustle,” I wanted to see more of his films. Made in 2001, “Shaolin Soccer” was a huge hit in Hong Kong and
eventually showed up in a shortened version two years later in the
United States. ''Soccer'' is so unabashed in its cheesiness that it could be spread on crackers; it may spike your cholesterol levels. The cheerful staging of the intense soccer matches is done with computer-generated special effects so crude that the ball seems to be in a different movie entirely. And Mui -- whose name evokes the Hong Kong sex kitten Anita Mui -- seems to be from another world, too. She is given a shoulder-pad and warrior-cosmetics makeover that transforms her into a vixen from a Duran Duran video.

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This is not the sort of movie that you can easily wrap your brain around, and it’s probably for the best if you don’t even try. I think it’s been mentioned in similar terms by my peers, but Shaolin Soccer appears to be the confused but sort of cute love child of Baz Luhrman, Bruce Lee and… the Gipper. Granted, that’s rather an unlikely ménage à trois, but watch it and try to tell me I’m wrong. And perhaps it’s a group of highly insane-about-Kung Fu people who decide to use their supernatural skills to play soccer, while on occasion breaking into a choreographed routine of “Celebration” in the middle of the street. The film wears its self-consciousness on its sleeve and, unlike most Hollywood productions, has no problems acknowledging that it wants your money.

Silly and cartoonish, “Shaolin Soccer” plays with the movie
conventions. There’s the shy and plain Mui (Vicki Zhao), who’s a
wiz at making dumplings, but her plainness also includes the
ability to attract flies. The bad guys use performance enhancing
drugs and, boy, are they enhancing! Of course, there’s the big
final game where all could be won or lost.

“Golden Leg” Fung is a washed up soccer star. 20 years ago his leg was broken during a match thanks to treachery by the evil player Hung. Now that he’s hit rock bottom, he’s just about given up his dream of coaching a team. Sing is a poor yet spirited vagrant who was once a Shaolin Kung Fu master.

Hot Fuzz, Tropic Thunder, Kung Fu Hustle, 21 Jump Street, and Bad Boys For Life are among many that have kept the genre going during the past 20 years. And though most superhero movies these days are humorous on some level, we’ll be highlighting the ones that really flex their comedic muscles, like The Suicide Squad and Deadpool. Ryan Reynolds seems molded for this wisecracking genre, wherein he has played the Merc With a Mouth and starred in Free Guy. Hong Kong icon Stephen Chow co-wrote, directed and stars in this outlandish blockbuster that pits a group of misfit, martial-artist monks against a thuggish team of champion soccer players. Vicki Zhao, Ng Man Tat, Patrick Tse Yin, Li Hui Yut Fei Wong. Shaolin Soccer is a dynamic and colorful slot.

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For pop culture retailers the primary means to take advantage of any success that the film might enjoy is Comicsone's graphic novel adaptation of the film by the well-known Hong Kong artist, Andy Seto. Seto manages to capture much of the action and the comedy of the hilarious parody of martial arts and sports films. The gaming grid features a variety of symbols inspired by the soccer theme. These are images of players, a ball, a cup, and cards familiar to all. The RTP rate of this slot is incredibly high and exceeds the average value on the slot machine market. The game’s volatility is medium – the payments will be frequent but not so large.

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