Maino Confronted By Terence Crawford After Betting Against Him

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And look, that’s a big group of Republicans. We talk about it a lot, but it’s an enormous achievement for Trump. And in our poll, none — that is, zero of the respondents — in this MAGA category said that Donald Trump has committed serious federal crimes. Well, it accounts for it in one of the most straightforward and direct ways that a poll can account for it. According to our poll, Republicans overwhelmingly reject the notion that Donald Trump committed serious federal crimes. And they also believe that Donald Trump is likelier to beat Joe Biden than his rival, Ron DeSantis, even though, as you just mentioned, in the last election, Donald Trump’s candidate seemed to fare quite poorly while Ron DeSantis did well.

The poll finds that the base of MAGA voters is about 37 percent of all Republicans. And these are people who said that they had a very favorable view of Donald Trump and said they strongly supported him in the Republican primary. My colleague, Nate Cohn, analyzes a new set of “Times” polls that answer those questions.

It’s the sort of range where Donald Trump is an overwhelming frontrunner, at least if we have a big asterisk over all of his legal challenges. Nate, I think the word you’re looking for is “crushing,” not just very well. Crawford, who was escorted to the ring by Eminem, scored a ninth-round TKO against Spence Jr. as he dominated the highly-anticipated fight in Las Vegas. Crawford then popped up at the Way Up With Angela Yee studios earlier this week, where Yee basked in her win and Bud sought an apology from Maino for betting against him. Maino has been confronted by Terrence Crawford after the boxer caught wind of the Brooklyn rapper betting against him in his bout with Errol Spence Jr. As authorities try to untangle the incident, a man who was seen swimming across the river to the aid of the riverboat worker was partly identified as “Aaren”.

Most of these voters are getting their information from a conservative media landscape where they’re hearing that Donald Trump has been mistreated, the allegations are trumped up, that no one else got charged for doing the same thing, and so on. And I think we should be open to the idea that if that media environment ever changed, that maybe voters would become more receptive to a different message. And I should note, by the way, that many of the persuadable voters who don’t support Donald Trump, and in fact, prefer Ron DeSantis or another Republican candidate — they also think that. Most of the voters who are open to Donald Trump don’t think that he’s done very much wrong here, and they may, in fact, see him as the victim.

And those perceptions of the economy are much worse than they were in the summer of 2020 at the depths of the COVID recession, when businesses were closed and people were staying at home. Certainly, the legal allegations are a very unusual twist that we haven’t seen before, but no candidate with this kind of a lead has gone on to lose a presidential primary with this kind of advantage at this point of the primary season. And in fact, Donald Trump’s lead is basically twice as large as anyone who’s ever gone on to lose at this point in a primary.

You’ve got to convince voters the economy is good and hope that the news continues to be good enough to, potentially, boost those numbers further. You have to persuade voters that you’re doing a decent job. And they’ll probably never persuade people that you’re not too old to be president, but at least persuade them that you’re good enough to lead the country.

So even among this group of voters, who — again, they’re willing to say that DeSantis may be more moral than Trump. But they also reject the idea that Trump has committed serious federal crimes. And they also believe that Republicans ought to stand behind Trump in the face of these allegations.

  • The second bucket, I think, is Biden’s age.
  • And to this point, they have seen their guy as under attack and want to rally to his defense, not that they see something wrong on Trump’s part and that they should distance themselves from him.
  • But we have seen these problems for Democrats and Joe Biden before.
  • The poll finds that the base of MAGA voters is about 37 percent of all Republicans.

One is something that could be a problem for any president running for re-election, which is that voters don’t like the state of the economy, and they don’t think the country is heading in the right direction. An overwhelming majority of voters still think America is heading off on the wrong track, and voters don’t have a good impression of the economy either. Well, the MAGA base doesn’t account for all of Trump’s support, but it is a lot of it.

NBC station WSFA of Montgomery reported that four arrest warrants have been issued in connection with the altercation and “there’s a possibility more will follow after the review of additional video”. After the arrival of police officers, the brawl subsided – and then briefly reignited before police began cuffing the participants, Black and white. Walters, who has denied wrongdoing in the case, was granted clemency by President Trump on his final day in office in 2021. “Based on our relationship and what I’ve since learned from others, Phil’s gambling losses [between 2010 and 2014] approached not $40 million as has been previously reported, but much closer to $100 million,” Walters writes. “My reason for partnering with him was simple. Given my reputation in the gambling world, my limits with Phil’s two bookmakers were roughly $20,000 a game on college and $50,000 on the pros,” Walters wrote.